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Return Policy

Return Policy


NeverDry LLC firmly stands behind our products so we have a money back guarantee. To return any of the NeverDry products please follow the instructions below.


  1. The product must be within 10% of its full weight, (you can’t use more than 10% of the product)

  2. The product order must come from NeverDry LLC and not from any other entity. (Amazon, retail location or sales person) They have their own return policies regarding products and you must go through them.

  3. Contact NeverDry LLC through the website and reference your order number in the contact form.

  4. No returns on any product(s) that are older than 45 days of your original order date.

  5. Return shipping is paid for by the customer.

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  1. Package any products you intend on returning in a plastic locking bag and remove as much air as possible to reduce the chance of popping the bag during transport.

  2. Put the bag into a bubble mailer or large envelope.

  3. Bring to USPS (United States Postal Service) and ship the product to NeverDry (Address above) notify them that you are shipping a “Non-Hazardous Liquid” when they ask you if you are shipping anything hazardous.

Return of funds

You will receive your funds back to your method of payment within 14 days of returning the product (banking processing may take longer). You will only get returns on the products you return and not for your full order.

Example: If you purchase a Combo Pack and the purchase price was 29.99, however, you return only ND999. You would be reimbursed 9.99 for the product you returned and not 29.99 for the combo pack you paid for. If any discount codes were used during your order that discount will be applied to your return as well.